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KEWR: Heating prices, hot water and current do not change

The EWRC has established the price of natural gas for May 2021 Prices for heating, hot water and electricity do not change.
The Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (EWRC) established the price of natural gas as of today to the amount of BGN 37.71. /MWh (excluding prices for access, transfer, excise duty and VAT), informed by the Commission quoted by BTA.

The change in the price of natural gas will not affect heat and electricity prices and they remain unchanged. The increased price of natural gas for May is a result of rising prices on international markets.

In the established gas price of 37.71 BGN /MWh included the natural gas price component at the entrance of the gas transmission networks, the “public supply” activity component and the cost compensation component covering the costs of Bulgargaz EAD for storing quantities in the underground gas storage “Chiren” in implementation of the obligations under the Contingency Plan.


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