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Kremen Georgiev from the Association of District Heating Companies in Bulgaria: KEVR is right. Consumers need more information about the operation of heating

Shortly before the Christmas holidays, EWRC sent a letter to all the heating systems in the country, inviting them to publicly provide more information about the heat produced each month, as well as on the occasion of emergencies.
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According to EWRC heating systems must take additional measures to inform and facilitate the customers of district heating companies in connection with problems arising in a pandemic.

“I fully support the EWRC. I believe that the recommendation from the Regulator to the district heating in the country is quite reasonable. It is good to provide more information to end users, but I would like to clarify that it is important to separate only the data that is understandable to the general public.

We from the Association of district heating companies in the country are committed to helping to facilitate the implementation of information campaign by the heating systems, which are our member.” — said Eng. Kremen Georgiev Chairman of the Association of District Heating Companies in Bulgaria.

Eng. Georgiev pointed out that the difficult 2020 year has proved that we are strong only when we work together and it is on this model that he intends to speak personally with the manuals of all the heating systems, which are members of the Association of Heating Companies in Bulgaria, so that the process of informing the users to unify.

“The preparation of a short analysis of production and consumption each month will not take much time and will provide important and useful information to consumers of heat services. Especially it will be for customers who are still a forecast report. The analysis will allow them to more easily control their consumption and to plan their costs more efficiently.” explained Eng. Georgiev.