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Kristalina Georgieva: The world economy will partially recover next year

Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Kristalina Georgieva predicts today a partial recovery of the world economy next year, TASS reported, quoted by BTA.
She was speaking at a video conference hosted by the US edition Politico amid the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

"Even under the best-case scenario, the recovery of the world economy in 2021 will be partial. The chances of recovery will increase if companies manage to stay afloat with their employees, "the IMF chief said.

She called on states “to give more money to doctors, nurses and also vulnerable swaths of the population.”

Georgieva stressed “the important importance of eliminating the risks of increasing inequalities in relation to the pandemic”. The crisis provides an opportunity to combat lingering inequalities and to deal with issues such as climate change, she noted.

The IMF chief predicts that the “main winners” of the current situation will be the digital economy, the internet business, the system for providing state services in electronic format and online training.

"It is very important to provide access to the digital economy for everyone, to use the opportunities to invest in an environmentally safe economic growth”, Georgieva stressed. According to her, low oil prices “enable the waiver of harmful (eco-friendly) subsidies” .

56 countries received urgent IMF funding to combat the coronavirus, Georgieva reported.