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Lidl offers 100% Bulgarian pink tomatoes and organic cucumbers

In support of native production throughout the LIDL store chain, all fruits and vegetables are supplied by farms with GLOBAL G.A.P. certified production processes
Lidl Bulgaria offers this week 100% Bulgarian pink tomatoes, organic cucumbers and fresh spices for the salad - parsley and dill. Besides delicious and fresh, all Bulgarian fruits and vegetables offered in the chain have a worldwide certificate because the company requires its suppliers to offer produce from farms with certified processes under GLOBAL G.A.P. — the most popular and common standard for good agricultural practices in the world, a guarantor of safe and sustainable agricultural production.

Created more than 20 years ago, GLOBAL G.A.P. guarantees control of agricultural production processes - from the stage of selection of seeds or propagating material through harvesting and processing of production (sorting, calibration, packaging) to reaching the customer. The standard focuses on ensuring product safety, pesticide control, environmental protection, effective traceability system and ensuring safe and healthy working conditions for workers.

Since 2018, Lidl Bulgaria has imposed the Global G.A.P. certificate as a mandatory standard for native fruit and vegetable suppliers. For 2 years the chain has helped financially and logistically many of them to obtain the certificate.

“Besides direct benefits, GLOBALG.A.P. brings added value to farmers. First of all, of course, this is an increase in confidence among consumers. In a purely business plan — yields are increased through rational selection of seeds and propagating material. A serious advantage is also the cost reduction of food incidents and the reverse withdrawal by introducing strict control procedures for hygiene and residual pesticides. Having such certification provides access to new markets and is a green light for large food chains,” explained Dr. Kliment Petrov, Expert Training and CIPRO.

Daily in Lidl customers can choose from over 100 types of fresh fruits and vegetables, and in the midst of spring in all LidL stores they can find high-quality fresh Bulgarian fruits and vegetables - from green salads, cucumbers and onions to Bulgarian mushrooms and spices, such as the type and their quantity varies every day, bringing diversity, freshness and health to our table.