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Manolov: The extra pay for night work applies to all professions

The additional pay for night work will apply to all professions, President of KT “Podkrepa” Dimitar Manolov told BNT.
He commented on the decision taken by the Council of Ministers, unions and employers to make extra pay for night work 0.15% of the minimum wage. Manolov specified that it will be no less than BGN 1.

"This is the end of a 2-year tussle that we at Support started in 2018. A campaign in which together with us took part the Bulgarian Medical Union, the Association of Health Care Professionals, the union federation of employees in the Ministry of Interior. We did protest raids, printed jerseys, the Ombudsman gave me a jersey last year at our congress, but unfortunately from there on we were left alone in this fight. I hope this time things will end,” Manolov said.

"This is a topic on which they have had conversations with employers organisations so that someone doesn't feel that something has been done behind their back,” he added.

"The problem of night work goes far beyond health care issues. Night work in Bulgaria systematically employs about 400 000 people. This will apply mainly to seamstresses, to those who work in transport and energy, and where else not,” Manolov said.

The state will allocate BGN 9 million for those working in school and child healthcare. They are funded under the rules of the education system, not health care, Manolov explained.

Funding runs through the number of children being cared for and in smaller settlements there is no possibility to raise funds to finance those working there.

Not everywhere will change their minimum wage, he added.

The opportunity to equalize it with the collective agreement will be sought.

"I looked at all sorts of things that gave me goosebumps. I saw a ticket in which from basic salary 680 BGN, it finally reaches 2000 and something leva with internal surcharges. And I saw those where, from 680 starts, she ended up being 700 something. That is, in this fan inside you can find everything”, Manolov finished.