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Manolova offers another 300 million levs of assistance to companies

BGN 300 million grants for enterprises and self-insured persons affected by the pandemic, beyond those already distributed under various programmes. This is what MPs offer from “Stand Up! Mootri out!” headed by Maya Manolova. It is about supporting firms that in 2020 reported more than 30 per cent reduced income compared to the same month in 2019, as well as individuals who have lost their jobs as a consequence of the pandemic. According to Manolova's motives, this will cover 20 thousand small, medium and large enterprises, which will receive about 15 thousand leva on average. It is also proposed that 4 average monthly salaries will receive a one-time allowance for self-insured people with reduced incomes, and those who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic to receive one average monthly wage.
The right to help from the state also have those companies that have started their operations in 2020, as well as those that have started this year and employ at least five people for at least 6 months. A one-off financial assistance of 8 monthly average salaries could be granted for them.

Another proposal states to extend the deadline for payment of the tax under the Income Taxes Act by June 30.

Manolova has submitted to the National Assembly a proposal for pensioners to continue to receive the supplement of BGN 50 per month together with their pensions until the end of the year, as support for them expires this month. This covers more than 2 million pensioners, and the proposed extension of the payment of the monthly supplement will cost the budget of the LSC another BGN 848 million. The proposals thus made, however, require an update of the state budget and that of the DOO, the importers also point out, among which are the deputies Maria Kapon, Valentina Vasileva and Rumen Yonchev.

They also propose that, until the end of the extraordinary epidemic situation, no security measures should be imposed and enforcement actions should not be carried out in public debt recovery proceedings.