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Mareshki stood firmly behind the idea of state gas stations

I support the government's idea of creating state-owned oil digs and gas station chains, but I am afraid of getting Bulgarian. This was stated in “120 minutes” on bTV the leader of WILL and businessman in the field of fuel and medicines — Veselin Mareshki.
In his words, he was surprised by the news and added that he had proposed this as soon as he entered parliament, because this could limit fuel problems.

"We see people who sold out the state to a priceless and ruined it, and now they're saying it's going to be harmful. Unfortunately, it's very easy to bribe a clerk and make him a specific law. I am worried that there will be another bribery clerks to stand out the idea, “Mareshki added.

The businessman also commented on the government's decision to have a breakdown in the cash note on the value of fuel (taxes, mark-up and profit). He added that they still don't look the way they should have.

Mareshki explained that the state does not necessarily buy fuel from Lukoil, it has the opportunity to import from Romania, Greece or the Middle East.

"At the moment the market is collapsing and no one is responding. This will discipline the manufacturer in Bulgaria. I believe that Lukoil can be negotiated for better supply prices,” he added.

The politician advised the government to make “Low cost” petrol stations that are not shiny so the price can be competitive. He explained that if the state wanted to succeed, it had to copy its business project.

"With about 50, a maximum of 100 gas stations, the state can achieve the effect it expects. But not just cutting prices — brightening up business, harvesting more taxes. These are side effects that can turn Bulgaria into the European tiger,” Mareshki added.

"I pay all taxes, keep fuel prices low and even last year I have a very good financial result”, Mareshki said. He explained that his ideology is low prices — high turnovers.

The businessman rejected claims that he sells low-quality fuel and added that he fueled all his cars with petrol and diesel from his petrol station.

"In business, I split the penny in two. When I bargain for the property and the construction of the gas station — I'm looking for the lowest price. Thus, my objects are more competitive than others, based on someone else's back,” Veselin Mareshki finished.


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