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Mariana Nikolova: Tourism is a priority for the government

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism Mariana Nikolova discussed the state support for business with representatives of the Future for Tourism Uniting. The focus of the workshop was both the government's business-focused measures to overcome the crisis, as well as talks about further initiatives for which the industry needs state support. The representatives of the union participated in the discussion - Pavlina Ilieva, Svidna Dineva, Emil Abazov and Georgi Pasev. This was announced by the press center of the Ministry of Tourism.
The branch is a priority for me and I will work in support of it and in close cooperation, underlined Deputy Prime Minister Nikolova. She added that tourism is a priority for the government and opportunities are being actively sought to help it in this year so challenging.

During the meeting, the Deputy Prime Minister presented to his interlocutors the notification from the European Commission (EC) for approval of targeted subsidisation of charter flights organized by tour operators to Bulgaria. The approval of the scheme by the Commission was a mandatory condition for the implementation of the government anti-crisis measure, which allocates €35 for each seat of a charter line carrying tourists to the country.

Deputy Prime Minister Nikolova also informed that by decision of the cabinet people from Moldova, North Macedonia, Kuwait, Serbia, Israel, Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro will be allowed into the country against a PCR test taken within 72 hours before Bulgaria's entry. In her words, there will be active negotiations to expand the number of countries from which it will be possible to arrive in Bulgaria without further quarantine measures.

Within the framework of the discussion representatives of the association presented their proposals to support the tourism industry. One of their demands is an extension of the period within which tour operators are obliged to return prepaid funds to consumers. The business also insists on the possibility of giving them a grant scheme amounting to 10% of last year's turnover. According to them, it will help them keep their business currently and their future functioning.

What I want to assure you is that today your proposals will be considered, said Deputy Prime Minister Nikolova. He added that he hopes for joint constructive work with which to seek timely and workable solutions for the benefit of the business. Deputy Prime Minister Nikolova presented at the meeting today's government decision to reduce VAT for tour operators to 9%. The proposal will be voted on by the National Assembly.


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