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Mariyana Nikolova: Free sunbeds and umbrellas will be available this year

The practice for the free umbrellas and sun loungers from last year is good and workable and we will apply it this year. We have drafted amendments to the Black Sea Coastal Device Act, its coordination is forthcoming. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister Mariyana Nikolova to BBC. And he added that the business along the sea is already preparing for the start of the season from May 1, complying with safety regulations issued by the Ministry of Tourism.
Minister Nikolova explained that she expects every moment the health authorities to write down the rules by which foreigners will be able to enter our country during the summer for the tourist season. He added that this year will rely mainly on Bulgarian tourists. In her words, the European Commission is expected to adopt a single decision regarding the digital green certificate, which, according to the Deputy Prime Minister, will regulate the rules for entry of foreigners.

Regarding the case with the beach “Smokinya” Minister Nikolova explained that the inspection of the Ministry showed that there is no heavy equipment on the strip, but there are traces of one that was preparing for the summer season. 'There is an approved scheme from 2018 but no changes to the scheme have been claimed at this time. I will be uncompromising as I have so far,” the Deputy Prime Minister said.

Regarding the parliamentary elections held on April 4, Minister Nikolova said that the elections during a pandemic were extremely complex, but nevertheless managed to achieve high turnout because of the clearly planned measures.

“First of all, citizens had the opportunity to exercise their right to vote honestly, transparently and calmly. We also had machine voting and except for the problem that appeared in Veliko Tarnovo, the citizens had the opportunity to vote with machines”, she explained.

The Deputy Prime Minister used the occasion to congratulate the new MPs and wished them the inscription, which is above the building “The union makes the power”, to unite them for the important decisions. “I have been a long legal expert in the state administration. I have not yet become a member of any political party. As Deputy Prime Minister, I was an expert appointment”, said Minister Nikolova. And she added that at this stage no talks had been held with her about taking part in a cabinet, giving the clear request that she could be useful as an expert.