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Minister Avramova announced what is happening with repairs and construction in Bulgaria

The coronavirus has not stopped construction in Bulgaria. This was stated on the air of Nova TV the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Petya Avramova.
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“If other sectors of in Bulgaria have interrupted or experienced difficulties, then construction is the sector that is in full mobilization. Not only the construction companies that have large sites, but also the Road Infrastructure Agency and the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works are in full mobilisation to administer the whole process,” explained Avramova.

She specified that repairs are being carried out in the 13- to 20th km section of the Trakia Motorway, which will be completed by the end of June. Repairs are underway on Hemus Motorway, Lot 3.1 of Struma Motorway, Zheleznitsa tunnel, Europa Motorway and others.

Minister Avramova explained that construction activities are underway from 19th to 37km on the Hemus Motorway, which could lead to difficulties in traveling to Varna.

In her words, the coronavirus epidemic prevented an analysis of the situation after the introduction of the TOL system. “What we have found as a problem is its scope. Currently included in the TOL system are motorways and first class roads. There are districts in Bulgaria that do not have a single first class path,” the regional minister commented.

Avramova explained that there will be talks with the carriers about changing the scope of the system.

According to her, in the coming days there is a prerequisite for plumbing - Pernik to propose abolishing the water regime in the city. This must be done with permission from the Minister of Environment and Water Emil Dimitrov.