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Minister Avramova inspects the construction of the longest tunnel “Zheleznitsa” (Photos)

Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Petya Avramova and Chairman of the Management Board of the Road Infrastructure Agency Georgi Terziyski checked the progress in the construction of the tunnel “Zheleznitsa” on the Struma Motorway. The project for the construction of the tunnel is co-financed by the Cohesion Fund of the European Union and the national budget through OP “Transport and Transport Infrastructure” 2014-2020. The section has a total length of 4.4 km and is divided into 3 subdivisions, including the tunnel, and a service road on both sides of the facility.” Railway will be about 2 km long, with two separate pipes in the direction and is the longest road tunnel ever built in Bulgaria. The implementation of the site, which began in October, is progressing and tomorrow the builders will reach the excavation of the first 500 m in the direction from the Tower to Sofia. The site is operated around the clock, without a day off simultaneously in both pipes and on both sides of the tunnel. The facility is built according to a new Austrian method by excavating about 1.5-2 m in each pipe and direction 24 hours and immediately after that the primary lining of the facility is made with fasteners, sprayed concrete and anchors. It is also hard work on the sections on both sides of the tunnel. The section before the facility, traveling from Sofia to Kulatta, is 720 m long and the one after it is 1.4 km. An emergency link will be built in this section, which in the event of an unforeseen situation in the tunnel will be able to lead the movement towards Sofia on the road E79.