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Minister Borissov: And during the crisis consumption in Bulgaria is growing

With socio-economic measures, we have achieved success. During this extremely severe crisis in the past year Bulgaria managed to maintain one of the factors of economic growth at a high level, namely consumption. This is what Minister of Economy Luchezar Borissov commented in “Already from the Day” on Bulgarian National Television.
“There was no period during this crisis when consumption was affected. Moreover, the consumption in Bulgaria both individually and collectively grew. Even in times of crisis, wages and social policy have given effect. Salaries were rising not only in the public sector and in frontline people, they were rising in the private sector by nearly 10% for the past one year, “Borissov said.

He pointed out that the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and the Ministry of Economy have intervened in the Bulgarian economy 1 billion and 250 million. Beyond that — there are additional measures that are in the central budget and were implemented in 2020amounting to BGN 2 billion and 800 million.

Lachezar Borissov reported that through the measure 60/40 250 thousand jobs were preserved.?o it has invested nearly 670 million levs. It runs until September.

"The measures implemented by the Bulgarian Development Bank, we have given a minimum period, will be implemented by the middle of the year. But we have enough resources to apply them until the end of the year. In the coming months, the business will reach nearly 500 million levs. So we think of absolutely everyone”, said the Minister of Economy.