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Minister: In aviation - beginnings of wake-up call, but it's early for growth sustainability

The Air Transport Institute turned 50 years old in which it trained hundreds of pilots, flight attendants and aviation technicians
A meeting with the aviation industry is about to discuss the possibilities for its recovery from the Covid-19 crisis, said Minister Georgi Todorov.

"The situation in aviation transport is very difficult, not only with airlines, but also with airport operators. There are beginnings of wake-up calls, they are small grains, so it is very early to talk about some resilience to growth in aviation”, said the official minister. I very much need to hear the aviation industry, their opinions on assistance and recovery, Todorov said.

The Minister of Transport took part in the validation of a postage stamp dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Institute for Air Transport. Together with him, the manager of the institute Svetoslav Stanulov, the head of “Bulgarian Posts” Deyan Duneshki and the chairman of the Union of Veterans of BGA Ivan Petkov also put his hand on the press.

In his speech, the Minister of Transport Georgi Todorov said: “The Institute of Air Transport has established itself over the years as a forge of personnel, with sustainable trends for future development and innovative projects. The publication is printed in limited edition and will cause interest not only of aviators and philatelists, but also of all people who send letters, “he said.

The circulation of the brand is 6000 pieces, and on the first day envelope - 700 pieces.

Later, asked by journalists what shifts would be in transport, Todorov said: “Only there and then when I find out that someone is not performing his activity qualitatively and transparently”.

He denied the information that appeared on sites a day ago about releases of the head of the government air squad gene. Todor Kojakov. “I understood that such information had come up, but it did not correspond with reality,” Todorov said in response to a journalistic question.