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Minister Kirilov revealed what our rights will be in quarantine

The amendments to the Health Act give an option to pity the imposed quarantine on two instances in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Code (APC). This is clear from the new texts tabled by the Council of Ministers, which will abolish the state of emergency on 13 May, writes “Trud”.
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President of the National Assembly Karayancheva has already called an extraordinary session of parliament on May 8, 2020 at 11.00, and a day more early, the Legal Committee deputies will vote on the changes.

“We had a very thorough debate in two phases, we respected the opinions of Deputy Prime Ministers Ekaterina Zaharieva and Tomislav Donchev not to have any deviations from the two-instance appeal of these acts in order to have no dispute regarding the fullness and completeness of the right of protection of the persons concerned”, said Justice Minister Danail Kirilov.

Asked whether this would not be inundated with the Supreme Administrative Court (SAC), Kirilov said: “This means a double, additional burden on the SAC, to rule on acts on which the enforcement would probably have been completed and the legal interest in this appeal would have been dropped”. An important detail is that the quarantine appeal does not stop the execution of the order for it, and in isolation we can be placed by an attending physician or a hospital director.

Self-insured persons will have a monthly compensation of BGN 290. This is clear from paragraph 21 of the Health Act in the transitional and final provisions.

The text of the proposal states: “For a period of up to two months after the abolition of the emergency situation, the Employment Agency shall transfer compensation of BGN 290,00 for certain categories of persons subject to insurance under the Social Security Code, according to criteria and conditions, determined by the act of the Cabinet of Ministers.

The funds are transferred by bank transfer to the respective insurer/self-insured person. The funds are at the expense of funds from the European Structural and Investment Funds”.