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Minister Nikolova: Germany is our priority tourism market and partner

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism Mariyana Nikolova held a working meeting with Kalin Sutev, official representative for Bulgaria of the German tour operator Der Turistik. Topical issues were discussed from bilateral cooperation in the context of a COVID-19 pandemic and following the warning of the central German authorities about travel to three areas in our country. This was reported by the Ministry of Tourism.
Germany is a priority tourism market and a partner of Bulgaria. Despite the global pandemic of COVID-19, which affected the whole world, nearly 39 thousand visits of German tourists have been made in our country for the period January-June 2020, and last year they were over 761 thousand, Deputy Prime Minister Mariyana Nikolova pointed out.

She assured that all necessary measures to limit the spread of the virus are applied in accommodation establishments and establishments according to the provisions of the Health Minister and the prescriptions of the Ministry of Tourism. According to official data on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, the spread of the coronavirus is limited and under control. Separate cases are reported in large cities that are located outside the resorts, Minister Nikolova said.

I hope with joint efforts to change the situation and to keep the influx of German tourists, she commented.

Kalin Suttev asked for urgent assistance from the government before the German authorities made the final decision on the warning.

Otherwise, the flight programs to Varna will be limited and the season will probably end forcibly earlier, he stressed. The representative of “Der Turistik” informed about the positive assessments of the German business for the sponsorship program of the Bulgarian government for the charter tourist trips to Bulgaria. It will provide a basis for a better completion of this year and will facilitate the preparation of active seasons in 2021. Suttev also announced that along the health tourism the company has placed two pages in its catalogue of opportunities for spa and spa services in Bulgaria, which the Germans are interested in.

Minister Nikolova pointed out that together with her colleagues from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Health, the necessary measures are being taken at a high diplomatic level and expert path to German consumers to reach the information that in Bulgaria the sanitary measures.