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Minister of Economy with details of state gas stations

At the moment, this draft law on state gas stations is being prepared, the purpose of which is to regulate certain things in terms of quantities and reserves.
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Many business partners and sync they supported this measure, the CRIB also supported it, you know. But I would like to clarify right now that everything will be under clear market rules.

Such an opinion was expressed in the studio of “Offensive” on Channel 3, Economy Minister Emil Karanikolov on the occasion of the proposal of the Finance Ministry for the establishment of the company “State Oil Company”.

According to Minister Karanikolov, the gas stations would initially be located in hard-to-reach areas and then in the cities, and the project would be implemented “in about two years”.

"The change in VAT will have both economic and social and demographic aspects. It is an indisputable fact that the coronavirus crisis hit the hospitality and food services hardest.

Decreasing 9% is also a way to illuminate the sector, which the industry will also commit to happening. We need to restore trust between the user and the person who provides the service — trust that was lost only because of the coronavirus crisis,” he commented.

"The priority is for Bulgarians to choose the Bulgarian resorts this season and this is not just about the Black Sea coast, but also about the mountains, about rural tourism”, the Economy Minister replied to a question about the 14-day quarantine for every Bulgarian who returns from a holiday abroad.

"The Bulgarian state respects European principles, especially in the part on the free movement of people and the markets. The government and major food chains have not restricted food imports.

We have simply created a model in which Bulgarian products of domestic producers will find their place more easily on the stand in the store”, Minister Karanikolov explained.

Finally, he assured that despite the crisis there are no denials for foreign investments in Bulgaria.

, In Bulgaria there is still interest”, noted Emil Karanikolov and added that it is not excluded someday in Bulgaria to produce electric cars of world brands, which are yet to enter international markets.