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Minister of Economy with incredible news about a grant to...

“The biggest nightmare is human lives, then all the consequences before we get to the economy. It is a very difficult and severe crisis, but all evil for good.”
This was stated on the broadcast of Nova TV, Economy Minister Emil Karanikolov in connection with the consequences of COVID-19 on the economy of Bulgaria and the world.

"Such a form of crisis in the recent history of mankind is not known. Undoubtedly, even before the coronavirus there were signals of a slowdown in the economy,” he commented.

The Minister of Economy also said that the crisis, in addition to economic, will also be social. “There will also be grants. It will help both small and medium-sized businesses, as well as individuals”, Karanikolov added.

"They stop orders from European countries where there is coronavirus and this is a serious problem. But at some point the markets will open, and the one who has managed to keep its workers and enterprise will take on the most orders.

In this situation, things change every day. We have adopted short-term measures, there will also be grants, but they come from operational programmes. The EC gave relief regarding the use of funds from operational programmes. But without a sanction of the EC, the Bulgarian state cannot give grants, “he added.

“One of the things we have asked the Commission is to allow us for a voucher procedure. Money is given without interest and without being on credit to individuals, micro and small enterprises and they are up to 50 thousand BGN. They will be given free of charge, but they will be one-off until the end of the state of emergency. Citizens and small and medium-sized businesses can expect this measure, but first the Commission must allow us to do so. Bulgaria was one of the first countries to take such short-term measures, “he added.

In his words, the queues in front of the labor bureaus will continue because there are businesses that cannot retain their employees. According to him, the model of this business is such that it pays wages and has a small part of profit left.

“As a principle, whether it will be 60/40 or 70/30 State aid I will not comment, but the state has a responsibility to every person and business. In the last few years the Bulgarian economy was going very well and raising salaries. This is the most valuable resource — the worker. But business should also help the entire population.

We will find the compromise whether it should be 60/40 or 70/30, but we must all do everything we can so that the Bulgarian can stay on the job. We should also be looking for big businesses. We adopt different measures for different subjects, “the minister said.