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Minister of Tourism will push for cheaper umbrellas and next year

We will rely on Bulgarians to choose the winter resorts and support the sector in the upcoming cold months, said Nikolova
We have conversations free umbrellas and sun loungers to have in the next summer season. At a working meeting with representatives of the concessionaries, it was reported that the measure had increased the attendance of the beaches and they supported the idea of maintaining this measure in Summer 2021. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism Mariana Nikolova in the show “Sunday of Nova”, the press center of the Ministry of Tourism reported.

She also pointed out that concessionaries offer beach accessories without fees, and in return they could benefit from a reduction in the concession fees due by up to 50%. And assured that this would not affect the water rescue activities on the streaks. By a government decision this week, payments under concession contracts have been lowered by nearly BGN 7.9 million, the Deputy Prime Minister also informed.

On the World Tourism Day - 27 September, Minister Nikolova thanked and congratulated the Bulgarians that despite the difficulties and pandemic situation they chose to rest in our country. More than 2.5 million compatriots have travelled to Bulgaria since the beginning of the year, with foreign tourists amounting to about 1.1 million. Nearly 550 thousand are the Bulgarians who visited the Black Sea resorts during the summer season.

We will rely on Bulgarians to choose winter resorts and support the sector in the coming cold months, said the Deputy Prime Minister. In her words, mountain tourism is very healthy and we should not worry about taking our children to winter resorts. She was adamant that during the upcoming season, the control of compliance with anti-epidemic measures in the accommodation would be uncompromising. I expect compliance with impeccable hygiene by hoteliers and tourists alike, the Minister added.

Regarding the measures taken by the government to support businesses, the Deputy Prime Minister explained that the social measures are worth over BGN 2.2 billion and for them to be implemented there must be stability. External analysts say that in a crisis, we are economically well and stable, she said. And commented that it is frivolous to talk about resigning under a virus that awakening so many unknown.