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Minister Petkova: Currently the energy sector is financially stable

At the moment, the energy sector is financially stable. This is what Minister of Energy Temenuzhka Petkova reported Nova TV.
“The situation we are in is really extraordinary - every one of the sectors in the economy is under pressure,” she added. “When people are in their homes, we must provide their comfort.”

In her words, every emergency repair will be completed and planned repairs that suffer postponement will be postponed.

We have introduced by law the owners of energy infrastructure to do inspections, she said, specifying that the 7-day deadline for this task ends tomorrow.

"The other series of measures relate to the financial stability of the sector - bills can be paid online”, the energy minister added. According to her, depriving the cash flow would create a problem for the sector. “The best option is for each of us to look for a way to pay their current account”, Minister Petkova specified.

She added that the reduction in business activity leads to the reduction of electrical energy - 200 megawatts less per day.

"The electricity system is flexible enough and can meet any type of consumption”, she said and explained that the companies are stable at present. “There is no need for State intervention.”

On “Balkan Stream” and the Interconnector with Greece continues to work, she explained and added that a confidentiality agreement for Belene nuclear power plant is to be signed soon.