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Minister Petkova extended the gas check. Will there be a new price from April 1?

Bulgargaz's inspection of gas prices from April is being extended, the Ministry of Energetics said. She was appointed by Minister Temjunka Petkova on 26 March and is carried out by a team of the department and the Bulgarian Energy Holding.
The motive was that EWRC “found a positive difference for 2020 between the estimated and reported by Bulgargaz EAD costs for the supply of natural gas. As a consequence, the proposed by the company

gas price for April 2021 is reduced by the amount of excess revenue established by EWRC”, the Department announced at the time.

Now it appears that “the additional time to review the information provided by the company, to carry out the relevant analyses, findings and conclusions is required due to the large volume of information and the period to be verified - the whole of 2020”, the the ministry. However, it does not state how much this extension is.

It is not clear whether tomorrow, April 1, there will be an application from Bulgargaz with intermediate data on stock prices and whether the EWRC will produce how much gas will be appreciated from this date.

The committee's report envisaged an increase of 12%.