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Minister Sacheva: 132,000 will keep their jobs because of 60/40 measure

“91 783 is the number of unemployed people since the start of the state of emergency. Around 20,000 entered the job during the state of emergency. 132,000 will keep their jobs thanks to the 60/40 measure. This was what Minister of Labour and Social Policy Denitsa Sacheva told BNR.
In her words, this shows that the measure has an effect. “In the last two weeks there has been a sustained reduction in registering unemployed. Jobs opportunities are also created.”

She called manipulation touting casinos, sports clubs and large companies as the main first recipients of money under 60/40, which raised distrust in the measure.

“The lists are on the page of the NSA and it can be seen that small tour operators, museums, theatres, kindergartens, confectioneries, and mineral water producers, and a small laundry, including. Every legal person should get help. We cannot apply the law to whether a company is acceptable or not. The measure is dynamic and short-term. We plan to extend the opportunity to apply until the end of June 30 and it is possible to undergo reconstruction and to be more focused on specific sectors for which the economic influence is expected to continue”, she said. Sacheva stressed the importance of maintaining the state's liquidity, something which is not spoken of, “but all social payments depend on it.”

The Social Minister stressed that the health system continues to need additional support:

“We must do what is necessary to strengthen the health system. Agriculture, transport, tourism will be the basis of the packages that will be offered. And we are currently discussing measures for the summer months and with a horizon until the end of the year.”

Sacheva clarified that the ministry will be as flexible as possible and will support the municipalities in terms of social services.

“A problem would be if we had a higher percentage of infected staff in social services... If there is a lack of staff, we could think of resources under OP Human Resources Development to further motivate people to help us deal with the crisis.”


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