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Minister Sacheva discussed the measures of the “Employment x3” package with representatives of the Bulgarian Association of Restaurants' Association and the Association of Restaurants'

Minister of Labour and Social Policy Denitsa Sacheva met today with the chairmen of the Bulgarian Association of Restauratories Richard Alibegov and the Association of Establishments in Bulgaria Emil Kolarov. The discussion was attended by their representatives.
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During the workshop, strict compliance with anti-epidemic measures were discussed, as well as the three measures of the Employment x3 package - the second version of 60/40, the “Employment for You” scheme and the so-called assistance of BGN 290.

According to Minister Sacheva, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy is open to proposals for a change in the design of the 60/40 measure from the beginning of 2021.

To date, about BGN 400 million have been paid to companies from all branches, and the funds are expected to reach up to BGN 600 million at the end of the year.

The members of BAZ and SPB undertook to submit their proposals for the future of business support measures, which are with state and European financing.


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