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Minister Sacheva: There has been growth in registered unemployed in recent days

In the last few days there has been an increase in registered unemployed. This was announced by the Social Minister Denitsa Sacheva in the “Face to Face” programme.
In her words, one of the reasons is the closure of businesses that do not think they will be able to continue their activities after the New Year. It may be a reason to help care for a child up to 14 years of age who is studying online or does not go to a garden because of measures or quarantine. 21 thousand such applications have been submitted, the minister announced.

She reminded that for this assistance you do not have to be unemployed, determining the income criterion — BGN 915 per family member. 610 BGN per month are allocated, for three weeks — 480 BGN, said Sacheva.

She also reminded that the amount of the interest-free loan for self-insurers has already been increased — from 4500 levs, and reported that nearly 6000 people have withdrawn such a loan.

For the tourism industry, which is not closed but practically does not work because of the closed restaurants, Sacheva announced that they could use the “80/20” measure.

According to the Social Minister, business often does not realize that it can combine measures and use different categories of workers.

She also commented on the relocation of the children from the social homes in Stara Zagora and announced that they will remain in them until the end of the school year, and after 30 June they will be phased out.


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