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Minister Taneva: This year farmers will receive the most payments

This year, farmers will receive the most payments. This is what Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Desislava Taneva said in the Knezha before a meeting with farmers in the municipality, Focus reported.
She explained that this was made possible after the instruments that were provided by the European Commission.

“Amendments to Regulation 13/05, which allowed us to program a COVID measure. Secondly, the opportunity that the European Commission has provided: to transfer a budget from the Rural Development Programme 2021 to direct payments. By absolutely unanimous decision of all representatives, we did this — 70 million euros more in direct payments, “Taneva noted.

In the words of the Agriculture Minister, 2020 is the worst for the agricultural sector because of the major drought.

“In several districts, around 6, mainly in Eastern Bulgaria, the drought has practically caused unseen defeats so far and yields are at record low levels. Beyond that, for the first time falling from drought, mainly cereal crops, we have nearly 1 million acres. This has never happened before. For the 100% decrepit areas we have state aid and it is planned and in the autumn will be compensated for all those who have 100% fallen areas. Where in Eastern Bulgaria mainly the drought inflicted serious damage, this additional support cannot compensate for their damage. The main damage is on the yield of grain. We already have operational data on the finished wheat harvest,” she pointed out.

According to Taneva, the Grain Production sector is the most competitive and sustainable, but this year it will work at a loss.

“In truth, this year especially for Eastern Bulgaria will be the year in which they will continue to develop their activities thanks to the financial stability and sustainability they have accumulated over the years”, she said.

The Minister of Agriculture added that with the help of the State Fund “Agriculture” will help farmers for the next sowing.

“Up to 25 BGN per acres the fund credits for fertilizers and seeds for sowing,” she said.