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Minister Taneva: We give 16 million to the fishing sector

We give 16 million BGN to support the Fisheries and Aquaculture Sector. This was said at a briefing in the Council of Ministers of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Desislava Taneva, reports “Focus”.
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The measures are three:

The measures are three: under measure 1.9 — suspension of fishing activities, 2.6 — support for the aquaculture sector for temporary suspension or reduction of production and measure 5.4 - processing of fishery and aquaculture products.

Taneva announced that at the disposal of the grape producers in the wine program will be announced a green harvesting measure of BGN 1 million

“303 BGN per acre will be able to receive every grape producer if he decides to take advantage of this opportunity for support. By June 5, applications can be submitted to the Executive Agency for Vineyards and Wine, and then the procedure will be carried out. The aim of the measure is, if the grape producer estimates that there will be pressure on the market, to make a smaller amount and the other to rob it in the green and to receive 303 leva per acre”, the minister specified.

Desislava Taneva pointed out that a decision was taken to support the cherry producers and the realization of their production on the market and for this purpose was allocated 1 million leva. The money will be provided to operators who buy cherries. The payment will be within 50 BGN per tonne if they increase the quantities bought by them by 30% compared to 2019.

“Bulgaria has a very well developed sector — 10,000 hectares of plantations, 14,000 hectares are to enter fruit, the sector is growing in recent years and produces more than we nationally consume”, the agriculture minister noted.