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Ministry of Tourism Order: At least 4.5m distance between beach umbrellas

By order of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism Mariyana Nikolova introduced uniform rules for anti-epidemic and sanitary measures in tourist sites on the occasion of the upcoming summer season 2021. The aim is for all tourist places to introduce the same practices to ensure the health and safety of tourists and Bulgaria to protect its status as a healthy and secure destination.
The measures for the summer tourist season 2021 are in line with anti-epidemic measures, including provisional anti-epidemic measures, under the orders of the Minister of Health and are mandatory for application by all persons active in tourist sites, which are sites with public purpose within the meaning of the Health Act, commercial establishments or other objects.

During the summer tourist season 2021, the Guidelines for the operation of accommodation establishments (MN) and establishments for catering and entertainment (OHR), adjoining them or alone under COVID-19 conditions, of the Ministry of Tourism, which comply with the guidelines and recommendations of The World Health Organisation (WHO), the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control and Commission Communication COVID-19.

Measures must be observed in the conduct of all types of tourism: sea, mountain, cultural, health (balneo, spa, wellness, medical), rural, wine, eco, congress, children and youth, adventure, sports, hunting, golf and other tourism.

The package is agreed with the Ministry of Health and is published on the website of the Ministry of Tourism. If necessary, the measures will be modified or supplemented depending on the epidemic situation.

The measures cover the activities of accommodation establishments and entertainment establishments adjacent to them or alone, as well as procedures in case of suspected coronavirus infection in a guest at accommodation and the order of transfer of tourists and organised tourist packages with bus transport.

The rules also regulate the use of guarded sea beaches, where a physical distance of at least 1.5 m between individual beachgoers must be observed. In free beach areas every 20 sq. M it is allowed to deploy 2 persons or up to the number of members of one family.

One umbrella is allowed to use up to 2 people or up to the number of members of one family. For the paid areas every 20 square meters it is allowed to place 1 umbrella, i.e. through a minimum of 4.5 m, and one umbrella is allowed to use up to 2 people or up to the number of members of one family.

The rules prepared by us are coming from 1 May and until then the tourism business should introduce all these novelties, said Deputy Prime Minister Mariyana Nikolova. Together with the Ministry of Health we have submitted and are planning priority vaccination of all employees in the sector, she added. According to her, at present, out of approximately 150 thousand workers in the tourism sector - 82 thousand have stated that they want to be vaccinated.

The full package of measures can be found at the following address