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NEC does not want appreciation if the electricity from the nuclear power plant is doubled

NEC wants a minimum increase of 0.15% in the current from July 1st, which sells for households and small businesses of CEZ, Energo-Pro and EVN. This will be valid if the quantities of electricity from Kozloduy NPP for the regulated market are doubled, it is clear from the applications submitted to the EWRC.
In the mix of the NEC enters the current from the two American plants, the veits and the heat heaters.

What electricity and electricity supply companies offer can not be traced because CEZ and Energo-Pro applications lack specific values.

The EVN offer a reduction in the cost of transmission, but a 3-fold increase in that for access to the network. It will be paid not on the basis of electricity consumed by the household, but on the requested power, as for business users. This has been insisted for a long time, so that the costs of electricity distribution companies can be paid for the supply of electricity to uninhabited houses and cottages.

In the EVN proposal there is almost no change in the daily and night tariff of the electricity.