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NHIF paid BGN 53 million for March and April for work under adverse conditions

The NHIF paid nearly BGN 53 million in March and in April to medical staff for working under adverse conditions during an exceptional epidemic situation, and in this amount are the funds paid for vaccination against COVID-19. This is written in the transcript of the meeting of the Supervisory Board, held on April 22, at which the current implementation of the budget of the NHIF was discussed. The transcript is published on the website of the Health Fund. BGN 36.7 million were paid for the activity in January and for the activity in February - BGN 37.8 million. These funds are provided in the budget of the NHIF by transfer from the budget of the Ministry of Health.
The expected execution of payments in primary and specialized outpatient care as of the end of December this year is within the framework of what is set out in the law, stated Zheni Nacheva, Chairman of the Supervisory Board. In her words, dental aid payments are expected to be exceeded.

If the exceptional epidemic situation is not extended, there is nevertheless the regulatory requirement that three months after its completion, the criteria for pay for work under adverse conditions are valid, meaning that the total budgetary impact of these funds for three months amounted to about BGN 129 million, Nacheva added.

The members of the Supervisory Board have not supported the proposal of the Bulgarian Medical Union to separately give funds to pulmonologists working in the diagnostic and advisory centers /SCC/. The argument was that the funds were made available to the GCC's manuals, which then allocate them.