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Nightmare news about the tourist industry on the Black Sea coast

The tourism industry on the native Black Sea coast is facing collapse. At this time of year the season is in full swing with, but because of the pandemic of the coronavirus, tourists are almost gone.
“For July and August, the reservations are not canceled, but the tourists wait for the last moment until the cancellation deadlines last,” Dilyana Tsoneva, who is a representative of the tourist industry, commented in the morning block of BNT.

In her words, the majority of hotels wait, move dates for discoveries, keep staff on hold again.

Everyone is in a standoff and wondering if there will be a season and how it will go, she shared.

Tsoneva commented that the industry is betting mainly on Bulgarian tourists who are not clear if they will have opportunities to afford a holiday.

Zero is also the work of the carriers, of the tour guides, which today go to a national protest in the capital. Their hopes are to have tourists in July and August, but they want urgent measures and assistance from the state.


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