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Nikolai Nankov Happy Builder's Day

“It's Dimitrovden! St. Demetrius comes on horseback to give rest to the owners and bring us winter. Let's welcome him smiling and grateful!
Thank you to all the builders, architects, engineers, planners of all the sites in the country, who in this difficult 2020 remained on the construction sites and continued their work on the construction of large and large-scale infrastructure sites!”

This is what Deputy Regional Minister Nikolay Nankov wrote on his Facebook wall and published photos of the construction activities in Bulgaria. And continued:

"To build a home for the people, a school for the children, a hospital for the sick, a path to connect us — this is a work that builds the temples of the state and contributes to the development of our country, creates an environment for better life.I wish everyone health!Happy holiday of the mansions!”

Nankov is currently with coronavirus, days ago revealed that he is feeling well and is quarantined at home. Read more HERE.

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