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Nikolova: The combination of different forms of tourism is preferred this season

Sapareva Banya has the opportunity and the appropriate resources to offer various forms of tourism throughout the year. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism Mariyana Nikolova during her visit to the city. According to her, the combination of different forms of tourism is preferred this season. This was reported by the Ministry of Tourism.
Minister Nikolova visited the initial station of the lift “Rila Lakes”. In her words, the combination between mountain and spa tourism contributes not only to the development of the sector, but also to the health of the people, which is the first place in these difficult times.

The mayor of the city Kalin Gelev thanked the Minister for the diligence he takes for the development of the sector in Bulgaria and added that all working places for accommodation in the municipality respect the anti-epidemic measures so as to guarantee the health and safety of all visitors to Sapareva Banya.

During the visit to the municipality Minister Nikolova and the mayor of the city inspected a hotel in Sapareva Banya at random to see if the safety measures were followed. According to the property management, 36 -40% of the hotel's capacity is currently filled, hoping in the coming months the situation will improve and tourists will increase. Almost all guest houses are 100 percent occupied, the local government said.

The Deputy Prime Minister checked in detail whether the distance in the restaurant is observed, as well as the spa center at the hotel, where disinfection takes place every 30 minutes.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism Mariyana Nikolova also attended Sunday Mass at the church “St. 40 Martyrs” in Sapareva Banya. Today, in which the church honors St. Eustatius the Miracle Worker, the Mass was served by Father Dimitar. He blessed all those present in the temple, as well as all the inhabitants and guests of the city, wishing them health and prosperity.

During the Mass Minister Nikolova was accompanied by the mayor of the municipality of Sapareva Banya Mr. Kalin Gelev.

The Deputy Prime Minister commented that religious tourism is of great importance for the development of Bulgaria as a tourist destination for four seasons. She also made a wish to residents and guests of the city for a successful year full of health.