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Nikolova: Tomorrow by noon there will be a final text of the project for 60/40

Employers and trade union organizations, with the exception of AICB and CRIB, have supported the updated draft Decree of the Council of Ministers for determining the terms and conditions for payment of compensation to employers who have stopped working due to the declared state of emergency.
This was announced at a briefing in the Council of Ministers Chairman of NSF and Deputy Prime Minister Mariana Nikolova.

Some technical adjustments will be made, tomorrow by noon a final text of the ICJ decree will be prepared, which will be proposed by the Minister of Labour and Social Policy on Monday for adoption by the government.

All organizations have thanked the MLSP and the experts for the changes made to the draft decree, which largely reflect the proposals of the social partners, Mariyana Nikolova said.

According to the CNSB, the measure set to overcome unemployment and its consequences is unprecedented in nature as financial parameters and scope, Deputy Prime Minister said. She added that KT “Support” proposes in terms of insurance income for reference to take the corresponding month of the previous year - that is to compare March of 2020 with March of 2019, which was adopted.

BIA welcomes the expansion of the scope of economic activities, but insists on fine-tuning the text regarding the reference month for insurance income. BCCI supports the project, but insists on an analysis after the first month of implementation of the measures to assess the need for the follow-up steps. The SAI supports monitoring the action of the measures within one month after the adoption of the decree by the ICJ.

The Union also proposes to clearly regulate what the relevant types of documents will be in order to prove what will be the decline in revenues, Nikolova said.

AICB does not support the draft decree and insists on immediate amendments to the Law on Measures and Actions during the State of Emergency. The association proposes to create a public register of employers who have received compensation, according to the draft decree. KRIB expressed partial support to the project and supported AICB's request for changes in the law, Mariana Nikolova said.

Employers and trade unions have stressed the need for ongoing dialogue between the government and the social partners on long-term economic measures that are not within the scope of the decree.