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Ninova calls for radical economic measures over the state of emergency

It is good that funds were found to support medical personnel, we propose to impose a moratorium on household payments - electricity, heating, telephone, water.
This is what BSP leader Kornelia Ninova said during a briefing after an extraordinary meeting of the Executive Bureau and the BSP Parliamentary Group for Bulgaria, Focus reported.

"We will support all reasonable measures proposed by the crisis headquarters.

The place where they should be discussed and accepted is the National Assembly.

Our parliamentary group is available there to discuss all measures and make a decision. The most important thing for us first is people's health.

It is good that funds were found to help the medical staff in hospitals financially.

At the moment, they are the most important. We understand there is a shortage of medical personnel.

Ninova convenes an emergency meeting of BSP

We expect in an urgent order the government to find a way to involve private hospitals in the whole process. They stated their readiness, but it turned out that no one had sought them for this yet,” Ninova said.

"Following the health issue, the social dimensions of the crisis are most important for us. There is a need for short-term, urgent measures, medium and long-term measures.

We propose a draft decision to impose a moratorium for the period of emergency on household payments: electricity, heating, telephone, water and fast credits.

We will bring a suspension of deadlines in criminal, administrative and civil matters, including executive ones, to private enforcement”, said Ninova.