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NRA: Self-assessment tool helps sales management software developers

A written instruction describing mandatory requirements for sales management software (SUPTs) will facilitate their developers. The document will be published by the NRA by the end of next week, thus each software creator will have prior clarity on what the NRA expects from him, which will facilitate the registration procedure for SUPTO. This was commented on the next meeting of the NRA team with IT companies and software developers for the implementation of the provisions of Ordinance H-18.
The discussions focused on numerous issues such as the initial moment of sales and registration in the SUPTO, the requirements for detail of fiscal bills, the so-called duplicate functionality of software for sales and other software products and much more.

The NRA said they are considering easing fiscal bills requirements in cases where an invoice or other detailed document is issued. There are further discussions on the issues of seeking a connection of the SUPTO with a fiscal device when sales detection and cases where merchants use ERP systems and at the same time sales management software. Topics related to cyber security and online commerce were also discussed at the meeting.

Once again, the common will of the NRA and the business to curb the grey economy was confirmed, noting the necessary changes in parts of Ordinance H-18 that would ease business while preserving fiscal interest.

Detailed information about the discussions in working groups under Ordinance H-18 can be seen in a special section of the NRA website -, where complete video recordings from each meeting are available.


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