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NSI: 508 thousand foreigners were in Bulgaria in February, almost 10 thousand of them — Italians

In February, on the verge of the coronavirus pandemic, Bulgaria was visited by a total of 508,008 foreigners, 42% of them were here for excursion or holiday purposes. This is what NSI data published a few minutes ago show. The rest of them were here for professional purposes, visiting, for treatment or something else.
Almost 10 thousand of them — 9888 — were Italian citizens. They practically visited Bulgaria when in their country it was already known about the huge number of infected by the coronavirus.

Also in February, just over 400 thousand Bulgarians visited abroad, almost half of them — 49.2%, were for holidays, excursions, visits to sports or cultural events, while the rest were on business trips or guests. Bulgarians visited Italy during the same period were 10,024.

There is no data on how many of the foreigners in Bulgaria were from China, nor how many Bulgarians visited there in February, when China was the peak of the pandemic. According to NSI figures over 37 thousand of the foreigners who visited Bulgaria in February are from non-EU countries, Russia and the CIS, USA, Japan, Canada, Israel or Australia, i.e. even if there were Chinese, they were under 37 thousand people. Bulgarians, who may be suspected of visiting China in February, are less than 7983.

The trips of Bulgarians abroad registered a 1% growth compared to the previous February and of foreigners in Bulgaria - 5.2% increase year-on-year. It will be the latest growth for months to come, as a number of restrictions on cross-border travel already took effect in March, and after the introduction of the state of emergency, large resorts were closed for quarantine and a blanket ban on new tourist trips was introduced.