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NSI: Drug prices will fall, but...

The prices of Bulgarian producers of medicines for export in November were 3.2% lower than the same month last year, announced by the National Statistical Institute.
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At the same time, the prices of medicines for the country's market have been raised by 2.1% by manufacturers.

Similar is the situation in a number of other sectors of the home economy. Overall, plant prices are lower compared to last year due to shrinking consumption worldwide.

But the price reduction of producers in the processing industry of goods for the domestic market was only 1.7% and the goods for export by 5%.

For example, the prices of textile producers for the country market are 0.5% higher than November last year and the textile for export has become cheaper by 1.7%.

Food producers' prices are up year-on-year. However, in the case of food for the domestic market, the growth is 3.6% and in the case of food for export, the increase is only 2.7%.


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