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OECD expert: Good outlook and continued opening up of China will continue to attract foreign investment

Director of the Office for Chinese Economic Policy at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Margit Morna in an interview with Xinhua Agency and said that because of effective measures to contain the pandemic and accelerate the opening of industries, China has now become in the top destination for foreign capital. Thanks to the good outlook of economic growth and further opening measures, China will continue to attract foreign investment, Radio China reports.
According to new OECD data, as a result of the hit of the pandemic, in 2020 the total amount of foreign direct investment was $846 billion, down 38% on an annual basis. 212 billion of them entered the Chinese market, an increase of 14%, and in the US, 177 billion dollars or decline by 37%.

According to Morna after the pandemic, China's economy is recovering rapidly, so the state is a more real destination for foreign capital. Additionally, from 2019. China is reducing restrictions on direct investment from abroad, particularly in the areas of financial services, manufacturing, agriculture and construction. Morna also pointed out that the Chinese market still has huge potential. The Chinese government hopes foreign investments will help improve technology and organizational management of traditional industries and manufacturing, with the aim of increasing their efficiency.