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On the market Bulgarian lamb over 99% and at a decent price

On the market Bulgarian lamb is over 99% and is at a decent price for consumers and producers. This summarized before BNR the President of the National Sheep and Goat Breeders Association Simeon Karakolev. May 6th is also a professional holiday of sheep farmers.
Closer and greater access to the end customer is the aim of the sector.

Karakolev denied claims by retail chains that not enough raw milk is produced in Bulgaria to allow Bulgarian producers to provide the necessary amount of dairy products to be marketed:

“We have milk to feed Bulgarian society. The question is how the milk collection organization is made... The intention of the state and the industry is to have a greater outlet of these products and the Bulgarian society to start eating quality Bulgarian products”.

“BDS in dairy products is the loophole from which industrial enterprises benefit because under BDS you can put milk that is not of Bulgarian origin, you can put 20% dry milk.

The farms in Bulgaria are more than 14 000 and in total there are about 1 million sheep and goats. The farms that raise more than 50 animals are about 8000", added Simeon Karakolev.

“After a third programming period, expired, of the European programme and after nearly 15 billion leva in agriculture, an army of sheep farms has not touched them”.