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Over €100 billion in foreign debt registers Romania at the beginning of the crisis

The beginning of the crisis, triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic, found Romania with external debt of more than 100 billion euros, of which 40 percent state, with a strong decline in foreign investment and a large deficit in the current account balance sheet, according to data published today by the National Bank of Romania.
Romania's external debt amounted to 110.62 billion euros at the end of February, an increase of 4.74 billion euros from the end of January. Government debt at the end of February amounted to 44.12 billion euros, accounting for about 40 percent of total external debt, writes in. Adevarul.

In the period January-February 2020, the current balance of payments account registered a deficit of EUR 325 million, which is double the amount of EUR 176 million in January-February 2019, BTA reported.

Foreign direct investment in Romania fell to 409 million euros against a billion and 404 million euros in January-February 2019, according to data from the National Bank of Romania.


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