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Over 200,000 filed their annual tax returns

Income of individuals is announced by the end of April
Over 200,000 people filed their annual income tax returns, the National Revenue Agency said.

The final date for submission of personal income declarations is April 30, and the declaration period for legal entities and sole traders has been extended until the end of June 2020, the revenue agency.

16 000 citizens have benefited from a 5% discount by submitting their form electronically and have paid the income tax by the end of March. 80% of all income returns have been submitted electronically - with a personal identification code (PIC) or with an electronic signature, show aggregated data of the revenue agency.

860 000 citizens already have a personal code from the NRA. and can use it for 35 electronic services provided by the revenue administration. The issuance of a new PIC is carried out only in an NRA office within a few minutes. For security reasons, it is given personally to the client or to a person authorized by him in a sealed envelope, because all actions performed with the PIC, including filing declarations and documents, are considered to be self-signed.

Already issued but forgotten or lost personal code can be replaced by a call on the information phone of the NRA 0700 18 700.

The National Revenue Agency urges its customers to postpone their visits to an office until the state of emergency ceases, until then using the electronic services available at with a personal identification code or electronic signature. NRA structures continue to operate and serve customers under additional measures to protect and constant disinfection of premises.

Detailed information on tax and insurance rules during the state of emergency is available in a special section on the NRA website:

The Information Center of the NRA answers customer questions by phone: 0700 18 700 from 8.30 hours to 18.00 on weekdays, at a price according to the tariffs of the respective operator.


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