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Over BGN 290 million have been paid under the measures to preserve employment for 2021.

Over BGN 290 million have been paid to employers for preserving employment in the face of a pandemic since the beginning of 2021. This shows the data of the National Insurance Institute (NSSI) for the transferred funds under the “60/40" measure, reported by the NSSI press office.
If at the end of 2020 the total amount of compensation for businesses and workers was around £649m, as of March 16 it was nearly £939m. For the first half of March 2021 alone, more than £68m have been paid.

Since the start of the measure, the number of supported employers is nearly 12a400 and the number of employees - nearly 278,500.

For the whole period of the measure, the largest amount was paid for workers in the manufacturing industry C over BGN 397.8 million, to maintain about 117.1 thousand jobs. The hotel and restaurant services sector has been supported by around BGN 126.4 million for 54.0 thousand jobs. Employers from the trade are aimed at BGN 107.0 million for over 33.9 thousand employees, the extractive industry enterprises received BGN 75.0 million for 9.0 thousand saved jobs, while the Transport, Warehousing and Posts sector - BGN 82.0 million for nearly 26.8 thousand workers and employees.

More than 46 per cent of employers at that time received funds under the measure for between 5 months and one year. 16 per cent of insurers have been paid compensation for 4 months, and a fifth have been compensated for a quarter so far.

Among the employers who received support, the most are those registered in the districts Sofia-city (4 088), Plovdiv (1,046), Varna (897) and Burgas (840).

For all payments, the information is public and available on the website of the NSI. The Institute has also provided an electronic service, which provides information about the compensation paid to them, accessible again through the NSSI website (, heading “E-services”, “Reports”, respectively in sections: “Bulstat and ICO of the NSSI” after the introduction of the UIC of the insurer and Identification code of the insurer (IKO) issued by the National SI or “with a certificate” - for registered users with a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) containing the UIC of the insurer.