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Plamen Dimitrov with important clarifications on the increase of night work in policemen and nurses

One third of Bulgarians who work have collective agreements and there the cost of night work goes up to 3 leva per hour, and otherwise for the remaining two thirds it is 25 pennies. This was explained to bTV the president of the CNSB — Plamen Dimitrov.
“Policemen and medical persons have collective agreements and they receive different amounts. For the entire healthcare sector with the collective bargaining agreement the cost of night work is 1 lev per hour, for miners it is much more, for the police officers last year it also became 1 lev.

There will be no areas that cannot apply this norm,” said Plamen Dimitrov.

According to him, small companies do not have collective agreements and the increase for night work will be up to 4 times.

“We first agreed this with the employers, by the end of this week the Tripartite Council will finalize this process and next week the Council of Ministers will adopt it”, explained the President of the CNSB.

Plamen Dimitrov also announced that 11,000 people, nearly a third of all nurses, work in schools, in 66 municipalities the lowest salary is 610 BGN.

“The mass salary is between 700 and 800 leva, the agreement is that 9 million leva and additional standards are needed, because in each municipality there are specific problems”, noted Plamen Dimitrov about the salaries of nurses.


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