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Plumbing Sliven remains without electricity temporarily due to debts

“Elektrodistribution South” received a request for cessation of the supply of electricity to the sites of Vik-Sliven.
The reason is outstanding liabilities to electricity supplier CEZ Trade Bulgaria EAD.

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The request is for the power to be cut off on October 15 for the period from 13.00 to 15.00.

“ Electricity Distribution South” as a network operator is obliged, according to the Energy Act, to comply with the procedure and execute the request from the electricity trader.

From “Electricity Distribution South” point out that their role in such cases is clearly regulated by the Energy Act in the statutory commitments of network operators on the free market and they have no bearing on the issues concerning the commercial relationship between Vik-Sliven and the chosen by the water company supplier of electricity concerning the amount of debt for consumed electricity, terms and methods of payment, agreed energy price, etc.

We recall, at the beginning of October it became clear that the electricity of plumbing in Shumen and Dobrich could also be shut down due to accumulated debt of both companies of BGN 10.5 million.

At the end of September, it was reported that the power of plumbing outlets in Shumen and Dobrich were phased out. The energy company said they rely on the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works for the commitment to cover the debt of the two companies through Bulgarian Plumbing Holding.

The decision on the establishment of “Bulgarian Plumbing Holding” EAD was taken by the Council of Ministers on 16 January 2020. The company has 100% state participation and with principal the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works. Its authorized capital amounts to BGN 1 billion.


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