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PM announces economic measures to survive the state of emergency VIDEO

When it comes time to pay into the budget, we pay for 360 hospitals. And for a doctor to say that the capacity of a hospital is exhausted is frivolous. This was stated at a briefing in the Council of Ministers, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, presenting the economic measures of the state that will act under the state of emergency.
“Sofia and Plovdiv hall are stocked with beds. Why is there such a panic? If any hospital feels overwhelmed, with 10 to 20 patients... When we start at the end of the month to pay salaries with 1000 BGN on top, so that they are not small.

We have to be bent like a fist, otherwise we can't succeed”, he was adamant.

Borisov reported great news in the midst of the pandemic of COVID-19 LIVE

Borisov reported that the government allocates half a million leva for the increased costs of the Ministry of Interior, MoD and Interior Ministry. In terms of business and employment - BGN 4.5 billion resources, including half a billion for the Bulgarian Development Bank. They serve as guarantees of business.

200 million will be given for interest-free consumer loans to persons on unpaid leave without being cut. 60% of their salaries will cover the state and the remaining 40 employers.

"Tax payment is postponed until 30 June. That's less £600m less in the Treasury. Nearly BGN 50 million will vote to the ICJ for the most deprived pensioners, as we do every Easter and every Christmas”, Borisov said.

"We are guided by the rule: To save the lives of adults and to provide jobs for the young,” he pointed out.

"Everyone who currently works is a hero because thanks to his work the economy works”, the Prime Minister added.

"We are now fighting to save the lives of adults and provide the lives of the young. There's an artery. It currently runs the life of the country, the economic and economic. That's why we're so jealously guarding people to go and not close the factories.

We will do debt if we have to, but it will come when we spend the money. I don't want to oblige the young.

If we tighten up, we will last 1-2 months”, Borisov stressed.

"At the end of the month, we will find out how much the economy has lost. I'm sure the numbers are huge. I think that this 4.5 billion will not be enough at all, "he said.