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Prime Minister with key conversation with Health Minister over K-19 and lots of money

I will check if the emergency centre in Dospat has not been paid the money for the people on the front line, 80 - 90 million BGN goes a month for the money to come to the people.
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Borissov tireless, shocked everyone in the early morning on Christmas video

This was what Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said during a visit to Dospat Municipality, becomes clear from a video posted on the Prime Minister's page in the social network “Facebook”.

During the Prime Minister's visit, an ambulance driver from the emergency centre in Dospat reported to the Prime Minister that the money for their emergency centre is not paid in Dospat

“80 — 90 million BGN per month goes to people on the front line. I'm going to see if the emergency center in Dospat has been paid for the frontline people. The goal is to get the money to the people.

The transmission changes sometime, but I'll check this out. All those who have worked will receive. Even ambulance drivers who are from the Home Office receive. Over 10 duty units receive 1000 BGN, between 5 and 10 - 600 BGN, and under 5 days - 300 BGN. There is a row, “Borisov said.

During the visit, Minister of Health Kostadin Angelov held a conversation with the Prime Minister on the phone in real time and specified that personally he would have the care to check the case. In his words, BGN 83 million per month goes to the payment of these funds.