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Prof. Rachev warned about COVID-19: Let it not happen that in order to remove the runny nose, we will cut off the head

“Losses from the downturn in the economy will be scarier than the coronavirus. We need another crisis headquarters to be formed to think about our economy. Let's not happen that in order to remove the runny nose, we will cut off the head.”
This forecast was made by the climatologist and representative of the Bulgarian Association of Travel Agencies Prof. Georgi Rachev.

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In his words, the Bulgarian tourism business is in collapse — 300 thousand people are currently out of work and worldwide the decline in tourist travel will exceed the mentioned 15%. He reminded that tourism in Bulgaria forms about 12% of GDP.

Prof. Rachev is of the opinion that there is a direct link between the climate and the spread of the coronavirus. He gave as an example of Southeast Asia, where it is currently very warm and the spread of coronavirus is not so serious, even in India, in which the level of hygiene is not high.

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According to him, the reason warm weather and the sun protect people is that they supply the body with vitamin D and natural immunity.

Spring in Bulgaria will be normal — temperatures will be only half to one degree higher, but in Western Europe it will be quite warm, said the climatologist.



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