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Prof. Tassev pointed to a big plus in the creation of state gas stations VIDEO

The proposal to create a state-owned enterprise “State Oil Company” would lead to more transparency and the benefits would be more. This opinion was expressed by the energy expert Prof. Atanas Tassev in “Nova's Sunday”.
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In his words with the state stucture faster will begin to reduce prices and slower will begin to grow, which will turn the state into a balancer. However, a sharp cheaper price of fuels can not be expected.

"When the state intervenes, it turns that structure into a test ground for the legislation. The benefits will be more. It allows things to become more transparent, I see quite a lot of advantages, there are also many difficulties”, admitted Prof. Tassev.

“To influence the market, you need to have 100-200 gas stations in key locations”, he added, but added that it would cost a large financial resource.

“The coronavirus pandemic has shown that in a critical situation, the state has more tools to deal with problems than private business. So is the idea of state gas stations. With them the state will intervene by creating a market entity that has more opportunities than commercial companies”, commented Prof. Tassev. He explained that he has both a strategic and operational state reserve.

“As required by the Commission, there is a 30-day fuel supply, which must be maintained by the state, as well as a 60-day one, which must be maintained by private structures. If a check is made, it may be that the state is in order and private firms are not. The reason is the freezing of working funds”, explained the energy expert.

“Because of this, the state has activated two very large fuel storage bases that do not have the status of tax warehouses will now become such. And so she makes that commitment. It's possible that private structures pay some kind of fee. But we will have a firm guarantee that in case of need there are these quantities”, explained Prof. Atanas Tassev.


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