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'Radio China': In the unusual year, the attractiveness of the big Chinese market is more obvious

Today, the third China International Import Exhibition opened in Shanghai, another major economic and trade event the country has hosted, following the Cantonese Import and Export Fair in September, according to Radio China.
This not only demonstrates once again the effectiveness of the measures to prevent and control the epidemic of the new coronavirus that Beijing has undertaken, but will also inject positive energy into the recovering world economy.

In the last three years, the world's only high-level international cooperation platform dedicated to imports is constantly expanding the circle of participants and its popularity. Also in these years, more and more of the strongest 500 transnational companies are participating in the exhibition, making benefits and continuing to explore the possibilities of the Chinese market, even in this unusual year. Obviously, the huge Chinese market is attracting ambitious companies at a global level to participate in the international exhibition in Shanghai.

Thanks to the successful management of the epidemic, effective measures to restore business and China's leading role in restoring economic growth and consumer market, the country has become one of the rare exceptions in the financial statements of many multinationals. Behind all of this is continuous efforts to open up China.

Today, Chinese consumers welcome guests from all over the world to Shanghai and this is exactly what the global economy needs, which is currently experiencing difficulties.

Recently, the CCP's Fifth Plenum presented ideas for socio-economic development over the next five years and the long-term targets until 2035. On it, the authorities committed to continuing with the policy of opening to the world so that it opens up new prospects for mutually beneficial cooperation. Large transnational companies will naturally not miss out on opportunities in the Chinese market. Therefore, it is no surprise that nearly a hundred of them will also perform at the next three international import exhibitions in China.


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