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“Radio China”: The trend for the development of the Chinese economy has not changed

These days, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that all of the company's stores outside the Greater China area, will remain closed until March 27. Developers conference “WWDC 2020", planned in June, will be held online, with the aim of reducing the risk of spreading the outbreak of the new coronavirus. Cook said that thanks to containing the outbreak in China, all stores in the Greater China region have reopened, Radio China writes.
His statement sends two signals: First, that the outbreak of the new coronavirus is spreading globally and dealing a blow to the global economy. Second, with China's contagion contained, the country's economy is accelerating its recovery.

Opening Apple stores in China means restoring the company's supply chain. The production of iPhone depends mainly on Chinese factories. Only Foxconn's factory in Henan is responsible for 40 per cent of production capacity. According to figures released by the province, by March 6 180,000 workers had returned to work, which is over 80% of their total. Simultaneously, 80% of suppliers have also rebuilt operations, thus ensuring normal supplies for the Zhengzhou factory.

This is one of the models for accelerating the recovery of the Chinese economy. With huge efforts made in the work on prevention and control of the epidemic in China, important step-by-step results have been achieved. More and more machines in the “factory of the world” are working again. Official figures show that in addition to Hubei Province, over 95% of the country's companies and factories have rebuilt work and 80% of employees have returned to jobs. 60% of small and medium-sized enterprises have renewed their business. Amid the outbreak being contained, in the worst-hit province of Hubei, some companies and businesses have begun to resume operations.


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