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Ramadan Atalay: TPP, photovoltaics and NPP to go out on the free market

The obligations of the National Electricity Company and the obligations of the Bulgarian Energy Holding are not new. They are prominent as well as the worrying obligation of “Maritsa East 2" TPP, said on the air of “Already from the Day” on BNT Ramadan Atalay, member of the Central Operations Bureau of MRF.
According to him, a way out of the created situation can be found only in the exit on the free market of all - TPP, photovoltaics, NPP.

"So, as on behalf of the MRF I had proposed an amendment to the law December month, we were solving the issue of “Maritsa East 2" TPP. We would have received the appropriate capacity permit from the EU and the TPP would have received that state aid, which would have been sufficient for electricity generation, “Atalay explained.

In his words, this bill gives permission and vision for energy development.

First of all, private and state-owned electricity producers go out on the free market. Secondly, the problems with the US plants are resolved, and negotiations with them would have been completed, the debts to them have been paid, and the NEC would not have such heavy debts.

Ramadan Atalay noted that the obligations of the National Electric Company are to pay for green energy supplements, including the payment of emissions of US plants.

"I would ask Ms. Temenuzhka Petkova to give us clarity on the issue of negotiations with US plants”, he said.

Atalay was adamant that for the second year the development of the Green Pact gives us enough resources and the fair transition gives us enough to prepare how and how the thermal power plants in Maritsa will be developed.

Ramadan Atalay outlined the necessary actions for energy recovery.

"We start reconstruction of the thermal power plants of “Maritsa East 2". First we pass to steam gas plants within 2030. We're moving towards the newer technologies that are going right now until we get to 2050 to hydrogen.”

According to him, Bulgaria is 11 years late for the development of its energy. That's why we always argue about how much the NEC's obligation is to American plants and what needs to be done with our energy industry.

Ramadan Atalay commented that when households go out on the free market, they will pay different prices but will pay what they have received. Manufacturers will sell electricity at cost plus profit, thus able to invest in modernisation.

Atalay stressed that there are currently too few experts left in the energy sector and called for those who would be replaced to be evaluated well in terms of their qualifications first.


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